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Wednesday, January 14, 2015



One of the local volunteer programs I enjoy being involved with is Design LAB (Learn and Build), formally known as Architecture By Children. Design LAB is an in-classroom design education program tailored to broaden and deepen student awareness, appreciation, and active participation in our built environment.  Local professionals team with educators to guide students through a real-world, themed design problem, emphasizing the development of: research and observation, critical-thinking, problem solving, verbal and visual communication, creative expression and presentation skills. Of course in cases like mine where I am teaching a classroom full of First Graders, the curriculum is a little bit simpler.

Each year, there is a new theme for the project and this year's theme is Dwelling. A very appropriate topic for me since I am going to be building my own dwelling in a couple months right down the street from the school I am volunteering at, which is Nativity Catholic School in Pleasant Ridge. Yesterday was my first day volunteering with the First Graders and I took the opportunity to share a little bit about the Stater Home 2.0 project and ask them about some of the dwellings that they live in and would like to build for their project, which is designing a dwelling for a client on a rural site in Kentucky. The kids were a lot of fun to work with, so I am looking forward to coming back in a couple weeks and seeing the ideas they come up with.