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Sunday, February 15, 2015


Plot Plan Modification

Oftentimes in the permit review process for projects, the plans reviewer will require revisions to the drawings prior to issuing permit. This was the case this past week when I received a call from Mike Brown Construction that the city is requiring the plot plan produced by the surveyor to indicate the nearest fire hydrant to the property. I called the surveyor to make the plan revision, so I'm hoping to get an updated drawing in the next few days to pass along for approval. An explanation of this requirement can be found on the City of Cincinnati ez-Track online permit center website. I don't really see why showing the hydrant should be a plot plan requirement, but it speaks to the point that in order to be successful architect, developer and/or construction manager, you need to recognize there are always going to be unexpected problems that pop up during the building process and be willing and able to make the necessary plan and schedule modifications to keep the project moving.