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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Last summer I made the decision to invest in a tablet for work and it has turned out to be one of the best purchases I have ever made as it relates to my job as an Architect. Below is a breakdown of some of my favorite applications I have put to use on a regular basis for the Starter Home 2.0 and other projects.
(1.) S Note
After compiling dozens of notebooks full of sketches and notes for the different projects I worked on, I'm happy to say 'S Note' has allowed me to keep all of those sketches and notes in one convenient location. The 'S Pen' allows for easy freehand drawing and annotating and has effectively eliminated my use of traditional notebooks.
(2.) Adobe Reader
The Adobe Reader software on the Galaxy Note Pro lets me mark-up PDF plans with annotations and comments, which comes in handy during meetings and site visits.
(3.) Skitch
Similar to the way Adobe Reader allows me to mark-up PDFs, the Skitch App allows me to mark-up photos I take on the tablet's camera. I use Skitch all the time when on construction sites and whenever I see something in public that catches my attention that I want to take note of.
(4.) Google, GMail, Drive, Etc. 
I use GMail for both my personal and work email and have a Google based Android phone, so having a tablet with the same Google interface makes email, scheduling, and file storage a relatively seamless process whether on my PC, phone or tablet.