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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Pleasant Ridge Development Corporation (PRDC)

One of the takeaways I've noticed developing the Starter Home 2.0 project, is the way my perceived level of connection to the surrounding neighborhood and neighbors has increased as a homeowner compared to a renter. Personally, I've been a renter in Oakley (a neighborhood bordering Pleasant Ridge) since 2012, and while I've really enjoyed my time living in the area, there is something about having that personal investment rooted in the Pleasant Ridge area that has driven me to go out and get involved with the schools, community council and development corporation in whatever way I can to make the Ridge a more desirable place for all Greater Cincinnatians to live, work and visit. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend my first Pleasant Ridge Development Corporation (PRDC) meeting and was able to get the latest updates on many of the exciting happenings in the Neighborhood Business District, so stay tuned to my blog for posts on some of those developments as they come online in the upcoming weeks and months.