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Friday, August 21, 2015


Nothing Happening Doesn't Mean Nothing is Happening

In an era where social media and instant gratification is making society more and more impatient by the day, the natural lulls in activity associated with the real estate development, design, and construction process tend to induce unnecessary panic and rumor-spreading among the public masses who prematurely and falsely proclaim projects dead with no real knowledge of what is happening behind the scenes. I know first-hand as a volunteer with the Pleasant Ridge Development Corporation (PRDC), that every time a project is held-up in due diligence, permitting, or waiting on utility hook-ups or inspections, it is the popular opinion of the neighborhood that the project fell through and is no longer going to happen. However, the reality is that just because nothing is happening, doesn't mean nothing is going to happen. The Starter Home 2.0 project itself is in the midst of one of these lulls waiting for Duke to hook up the electricity and remove the temporary power pole on site. But no need to worry, I can assure you that this project (like many other stalled projects in the Pleasant Ridge Business District) is still happening.