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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


7-Day Look Ahead

One week from today I will be moving out of my apartment and moving into the Starter Home 2.0 house. Here is what is scheduled to happen between now and then. 
  • Wednesday 9/23: The painters will be on site to do the last bit of interior touchup work. 
  • Thursday 9/24: The cleaning crew will be on site to get interior move-in ready. 
  • Friday 9/25: The temporary occupancy permit is scheduled for issuance.
  • TBD: We are currently in for permits on the driveway and are expecting a fairly quick turnaround, but are planning for worst case scenario and assuming no driveway permit will be issued by Friday, hence the plan for obtaining the temporary occupancy permit at that time. Once the driveway permit is issued, one day will be needed to finish the concrete and another day will be needed to build the front steps and handrail.
Tuesday's work consisted of some final wiring and fixture installation at the garage along with floor register installation throughout the interior of the home.