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Friday, September 11, 2015


21st Century Models for Single Family Lots

Wednesday evening I had a great opportunity to attend and participate in an AIA Cincinnati (Urban Design Committee) sponsored discussion with local Architects, Builders, and Developers, titled 'Urban Design Salon: 21st  Century Models for Single Family Lots.' The featured speakers were Doug Hinger, who is designing and developing a series of infill homes called the City Series in the neighborhoods Obryonville, East Walnut Hills, and Northside, and Darin Hall, who as Vice President of Development for the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority, oversees activities of the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation and works with private and public entities to revitalize neighborhoods through land banking and programs like REACH Evanston. Frank Russell, who is the head of the Neihoff Studio and Community Design Center at the University of Cincinnati (and former professor and of mine), also spoke about some of the challenges and opportunities for infill development in the city that his studios have identified over the years.
I was happy to be able to contribute some of my thoughts and experiences with the Starter Home 2.0 project to the conversation as well, which peaked some interests among the group and helped spur some additional discussion about opportunities for future projects that I would be interested in taking on. Overall, it was a great learning experience to hear what others are doing and have done around the city, and I made some great connections in the process.