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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Privacy Fence Installation

On Friday morning while at the gym, I got an unexpected call from the fence contractor I hired to install the privacy fence along the rear property line saying that one of his crews had an unexpected opening in their schedule and was at the house ready to meet with me to go over the installation. Fortunately, with the lot being less than 2-miles away from my gym and office, I was able to accommodate his request and get the installer started a few minutes later. After 3 short hours, the crew was finished with the fence and gate installation, and for the first time since I moved in, I actually felt a sense of privacy when I walked into the back yard. The 6 foot high privacy fence is made up of red cedar planks and pressure treated lumber, and matches the style of the neighbors' fences on either side. The gap left on the garage side of the fence is at that the request of the neighbor to allow space for the installation of their own gate to the adjacent public parking lot that empties out to the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood business district. The one correction that the fence installer has agreed to come back and fix next week is replacing the arched top fence gate with a flat top fence gate, so I'll post some images of what the new gate looks like once that is installed.