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Thursday, October 8, 2015


Post Occupancy Evaluation

One of the most valuable, yet elusive tools available to architects and designers when it comes to improving future designs is comprehensive post-occupancy evaluations of completed projects by building users. Fortunately, when it comes to future Starter Home 2.0 projects (stay tuned for an announcement on the next one), that user providing the feedback is me. I'm the one living with all the consequences of design decisions, whether it's the challenge of refilling a kitchen sink soap dispenser that is installed behind the garbage disposal, or experiencing the mood boosting qualities of all the spaces with abundant natural light and ventilation throughout the home. By being positioned to recognize the design flaws and successes relating to usability, durability, cost and maintenance, I will have a comprehensive data set available to inform and justify the planning and execution of future developments, which will be a powerful selling point to potential lenders and buyers.