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Saturday, November 14, 2015


Waking up in the Starter Home 2.0 Pleasant Ridge House

My earliest memory of how I was personally impacted by the architectural design of spaces was as a young child, waking up in the mornings to a dark and gloomy bedroom with only one small north facing window. It was frustrating because my parents' bedroom, sister's bedroom, and even the second floor office had multiple south facing windows that flooded the spaces with the warm morning sunlight (especially on cold November days like today), so I knew what I was missing out on. Because of this, I actually ended up getting my parents to relocate my childhood bedroom to where the office was (despite it being a much smaller room) to rectify the situation. Fast forward 20 years and I made absolutely sure when designing the SH2.0 Pleasant Ridge house, that access to morning light would not be an issue for any of the rooms in the project. Below are some pictures I took this morning around the house that I like to think childhood Michael would be proud of.