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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


What Millennials Say vs. What They Do and Buy

I am a big believer that actions speak louder than words, so when I came across this article posted to Builder Online's website, titled 'ACTION VS. TALK: Attitudes, preferences, and values of Millennials may say one thing; what young adults do, and what they buy, may be another', it peaked my interest. One exert that I felt related especially well to what the Starter Home 2.0 Project aims to achieve is this:
We say the “rule” is that inexpensively-priced new homes simply can not be produced in an era where land costs, local fees and regulations, labor expense, shipping, and even some materials prices are spiraling.But some builders figure that out, and offer homes priced to sell to that quintessential entry-level buyer—the one who wants out of multifamily rental’s vicious circle of skyrocketing monthly lease payments, escalating renewals, and a grim outlook when it comes to saving a bit of money; the one who needs a mortgage loan; the one whose realized Dream pays forward into motivated contribution to community, to society, and to culture. 
As a Millennial myself, and observer of the actions of many of my Millennial friends and family members, I recognize the true demand for home ownership among my generation, so the challenge is really just a matter of activating the supply.