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Thursday, December 10, 2015


Cincinnati Creative Class Among Fastest Growing in USA

Building off of my last blog post on the Growth of Millennial Home Buyers in rust-belt cities like Pittsburgh, I discovered another article this week on CityLab.com that bolsters the argument for a rising demand of new urban housing in the region. In a piece titled, 'The Winners and Losers of the U.S. Creative Class' , Cincinnati is recognized as one of the fastest growers for the creative class (made up of knowledge workers, tech workers, artists, designers, entertainers, and professionals in education, healthcare, and law) with a 21% growth since 2000.
Millennials entering the workforce are a big reason for this growth and many of these creative class Millennials like myself are looking to enter the home buyer market for the first time in search of dwellings in walkable neighborhoods close to their jobs and entertainment. I imagine the Starter Home 2.0 Oakley project has a good chance of being sold to this growing creative class when it goes on the market in 2017.