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Saturday, February 13, 2016


The Many Hats of Home Builders / Architect-Developers

There is a saying that 'Variety is the Spice of Life' and that is something I have found to be especially true in my own personal and professional life. My hobbies include playing sports, playing instruments, public speaking, volunteering, reading, learning new languages and making things, and I would really struggle to give up any of these pursuits to specialize in another. The same can be said for my professional life as an Architect and Developer, so when I came across this article on Builder Online about the many hats of Home Builders (which I would argue also applies to Architect-Developers), it was a nice validation that I'm in the right line of work. According to the article, Home Builders must be all of the following to effectively win in their marketplace.
Real estate buyers, Land developers, Consumer Marketers and Retailers, Data managers, Materials and labor sourcing experts, Operations managers, Logistics strategists, Technology and automation Managers, Designers, Building scientists, Critical chain project supervisors, Financial managers, Customer care specialists, Economics forecasters, Human relations experts, Environmental scientists, Local politicians, Regulatory experts, Team builders, and Sales representatives
That is quite a lengthy list for sure, but I'm happy to wear whatever hat I need to in order to ensure the successful design, development and construction of buildings that make a positive contribution to the communities in which they are located.