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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Lessons Learned from Running Around Town

Outside of architecture and real estate development, one of my favorite pursuits is running marathons with the goal of completing a Spring and Fall marathon every year until my knees give out (which, hopefully, never happens). In the months of training leading up to these 26.2 mile races, I will log hundreds of miles running through numerous Cincinnati neighborhoods, which not only increases my stamina, but betters my understanding of local architecture and real estate as well.
The reason for this is that in running through neighborhoods, you get the chance to experience them more effectively as a collective whole, gaining a feel for how well the homes, storefronts and streets are maintained, as well as how people interact and socialize in different environments, and to what extent the different architectural styles of a community mesh together. It's a great measure for how well buildings and street scapes relate to the human scale, which largely determines whether or not they are comfortable places for people to congregate. 
Maybe this helps explain why 'Running with a Realtor' is a thing now.