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Monday, May 9, 2016


Greater Cincinnati Water Works Letter

Last week I received a rather vague and oddly worded letter from the GCWW regarding the status of the water line to the vacant Oakley lot I am going to be building the next Starter Home 2.0 project on next year. The letter made mention of how with the lot no longer having a house on it, the service could be disconnected and I could avoid paying the quarterly fees on the line that are charged by the Greater Cincinnati Water Works (which are typically less than $100). What the letter did not mention, however, was that if I wanted to re-connect the line to start service once the new house is under construction, the cost of that would be several thousand dollars. This was something that I learned only after calling up the GCWW and talking to a representative, which is why I have made a habit of following up on every letter I receive from municipalities with a phone conversation and recommend that everyone reading this does the same.