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Thursday, September 8, 2016


Oakley Home Master Suite Design

When giving tours of the Starter Home 2.0 Pleasant Ridge house to friends, family and other acquaintances this past year, I've received positive feedback on everything ranging from its walkable location, to the clean exterior design, to the open plan layout. However, the singular feature that has evoked the biggest 'Wow!' reaction has undoubtedly been the master suite, something that the vast majority of homes in Cincinnati's streetcar suburbs (whether Pleasant Ridge, Oakley, or even Hyde Park) simply do not have. The SH2.0 Pleasant Ridge suite, complete with double sinks, a spacious shower, and dedicated linen and walk-in closets is able to not only satisfy the desires of an individual homeowner like myself, but more significantly, those of couples with children as well. Fortunately, I have been able to successfully incorporate all of these features on an even larger scale into the design of the SH2.0 Oakley master suite, with the Bedroom, Bathroom and Closet elements described in greater detail below.
The Bedroom: At 220 square feet and 35% larger than the Pleasant Ridge master bedroom, the plan layout for this area of the home provides ample space for a queen/king size bed with night stands, a credenza and miscellaneous additional furniture pieces. 9' high ceilings and 6' tall windows facing east will allow the warm morning light to pour into the room when desired and the wall area between the door to the bathroom and walk-in closet makes for the perfect flat screen TV location..
The Bathroom: Featuring a 6' wide double vanity, 4'x3' shower enclosure with glass door and floor to ceiling tile, as well as a tucked away toilet for some additional privacy, the SH2.0 Oakley master bathroom is a whopping 50% larger than that of the original SH2.0 Pleasant Ridge plan, which is quite spacious in its own right.
The Closets: Despite the fact that my linen closet turned into a running shoe rack at the Pleasant Ridge house (I do have linens, they are just all in the hallway linen closet), I've still managed to make effective use of the master suite closets pictured below. Whether the Oakley house linen closet actually gets used for that purpose, I'm not sure. However, the walk-in closet with 35% more floor area than than what is currently in the Pleasant Ridge property is definitely a nice bonus to the suite.
Please note that specific finishes, casework and accessories are still to be determined, but will definitely be blogged about when those selections are made.