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Saturday, November 12, 2016


Demolition Details

This week I accepted a proposal from a local Geotech company for test pits and a report relating to the Oakley lot that will provide analysis and recommendations for preparing the site to build a new house on. I also learned of additional details as it relates to the demolition of the previous house and garage on site, which relates not only to this development, but for other future infill projects I might work on in the city where existing structures have been taken down. Below is a breakdown describing a couple things I learned from this exercise.
  1. The City of Cincinnati keeps pretty good Demolition Records. Cagis ezTrak is an online database developed by the City of Cincinnati that tracks permit records and real estate information dating back to the early 2000's in a searchable, easy to read format that provides the general public with a plethora of facts relating to a property's past history. Included in this are records of any demolition/wrecking of structures that may have occurred. Below are screenshots showing general and more specific information as it relates to the #2013P04763 demo permit.
  2. The City of Cincinnati has pretty specific Demolition Standards. Once I found out JTF Construction Inc performed the demolition after looking through the city records and that they were the contractor responsible for numerous structure demolition in the region, I reached out to JTF to see if they had any information relating to how the demo was executed at the Oakley property. In an email response, they provided some details on this and informed me that the house was demolished under the Ohio/Cincinnati guidelines, which are described below with key points highlighted that will have an impact on the Oakley Home 2.0 Project.