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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Housing M to S: Millennials to Seniors

I've blogged a couple times about attending the Neighborhood Summit that the City of Cincinnati puts on each year, but there are many other 'fist suburb' neighborhoods in Hamilton County outside of the city limits that have a lot of interesting development news to share as well. Fortunately, the 'First Suburbs Consortium of Southwest Ohio' provides a forum where this type of collaboration can happen. Today I had the opportunity to attend my first, First Suburb meeting with the theme for the night being 'Housing M to S: Millennials to Seniors'. 
It was neat to hear what some of the different jurisdictions were doing to initiate housing development in their areas and how it compares to the City of Cincinnati where my first two housing projects are located. However, the City of Blue Ash was especially interesting for me with it's Community Revitalization Area that implements a Tax Abatement program for new home construction around its neighborhood business district, similar to what Cincinnati has in place. Blue Ash with its great schools, major employment centers, and lower barrier to entry than the neighboring community of Montgomery, makes a Starter Home 2.0 Blue Ash development an intriguing prospect in future years.