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Monday, May 1, 2017


Cubic Yards & Disposal Site

Unlike the Stater Home 2.0 Pleasant Ridge project, which was a clean site (with no previous structures having been built on the property) where the excavated dirt could be redistributed on site, the Oakley Home 2.0 project will require hauling of the old foundations from the previously demolished house off site. For projects located within the City of Cincinnati, this means filling out an additional line item in the permit application form for an Excavation/Fill permit, which requires documentation of how much dirt is going to be removed from the site, and where it will be disposed of. Using information from the Geotech report about the depth of excavation required to get below the construction debris and an area of the previous home based on satellite imagery from 2011 on CAGIS, I was able to determine the quantity of excavation to be approximately 150 cubic yards. The site where the debris will be hauled to is the Rumpke Landfill on the west side of town, which is commonly known as 'Mount Rumpke' and is the largest landfill in Ohio and the sixth largest in the United States according to the internet.