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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


2 Lessons Learned from a Framer Point of View

One of the reasons I like to try and stop by the Oakley Home 2.0 property during my lunch break is that it gives me a chance to visit with the contractors on site to see if they have any questions about the construction drawings or suggestions for me that would make things easier for them to understand and build on their end. In a recent conversation with the lead framer on the Oakley Home 2.0 job, I received a couple such suggestions that are being noted on my as-built drawings and will be incorporated in future designs

  • Lesson #1: The rough opening size for a door in residential construction is 2" wider than what the actual nominal size of the door is in order to provide additional space for the door frame and shims. I mistakenly referenced opening size, instead of door size on my drawings, which I have since corrected. Fortunately the framer caught this and is adding the extra 2" to his openings to accommodate the nominal size of the door.
  • Lesson #2: The typical distance from a wall to the door jamb in residential wood stud framing construction is 3" (not 4", which is typical for what I am used to dealing with for commercial metal stud framing construction). This makes it simple to form the jamb with back-to-back 2x studs, which are 1.5" thick.