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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Sewer, Water & Downspout Connections made

Throughout the day on Tuesday, underground utility work continued at the Oakley Home 2.0 property with work performed on the Sewer Line, Water Supply Line, and Downspout Piping.
Sewer Line Work: The underground sewer line running out of the house was connected to the sanitary sewer lateral at the street with a cleanout provided in the front yard. 
Water Supply Line Work: The water supply line was tapped at the main near the street, which runs to the water meter pit in the front yard prior, which then runs into the house where the main shutoff valve is located on the interior side of the basement foundation wall.
Downspout Connection Work: The downspouts collecting storm water off of the roofs were piped underground and connected into the main storm sewer at the street. A cleanout for the the downspout piping was also installed.
The last underground utility to be installed is the gas line, which will take place at a later date to be determined.