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Monday, September 25, 2017


A Path to LEED Gold

One of the more recent developments on the Oakley Home 2.0 from a LEED perspective was recognizing that with where things were falling from a LEED credit standpoint, the project was only a few points away from achieving LEED Gold Status (the second highest certification level behind LEED Platinum). In collaboration with Green Building Consulting, the following credits were identified as those worth capturing to make the leap from Silver to Gold and that I plan to pursue:
  • SS 2.4 - adding landscaping (other than just turf) that is drought tolerant (2 pts)
  • WE 2.1 - irrigation (up to 3 points)
  • WE 3.2 - upgrade showers to all be 1.75gpm (1 add'l point)
  • MR 2.2 - pick up additional materials points for local or recycled content (up to 2.5 add'l points)