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Saturday, October 14, 2017


View In My Room 3D

I've mentioned several times on the Home 2.0 Blog that Houzz.com is my #1 go-to site for all things related to residential design, and I recently discovered a cool new tool from their website that is a quick and easy visualization tool for furnishing a room. It is a feature called 'View In My Room 3D' that is available on the Houzz App you can download for free on your phone and tablet. The way the tool works is that you can scroll through the Houzz product gallery, select a piece furniture or decor that you think would be a nice addition to a given room, and see what it looks like in in real time (like the table and chairs shown in the Oakley Home 2.0 dining area below). You can scale, rotate and flip the products as needed to fit the specific camera angle selected. It isn't great for space planning, as there is no way to ensure that the scale of objects is exactly correct, but for the purpose of quickly visualizing and evaluating the aesthetic qualities of furnishing ideas, it is a highly effective resource.