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Saturday, November 25, 2017


Temporary Duke Delay

Duke Energy, the utility company for Greater Cincinnati, is notorious among local home builders for the prolonged wait times it has to get gas hooked up to new homes, and the Oakley Home 2.0 is no exception. After nearly a month of waiting since the initial application was filed for a new gas line, a new gas line still has yet to be installed. I'm hopeful based on the conclusion of the 1-10 day window we were given recently along with the markings made on the street at the connection point, that the new line will be installed Monday, but will believe it when I see it at this point. The gas is a Critical Path schedule item in that the furnace needs gas to heat the building and the building needs to be heated in order for hardwood to be installed as well as painting to occur. Definitely a wait, wait, wait and see situation, so stay tuned to the Home 2.0 Blog for updates.