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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Prototyping Furniture

I've blogged several times in the past about Design Thinking (you can type 'design thinking' into the Blogger search bar at the upper left hand corner to find them), but wanted to focus on the prototyping step with today's entry as I did a little prototyping of my own to get a feel for how a dining room table might look and feel in the space. Using some cardboard scraps I was able to construct a 5'-4" long by 4'-0" wide table to simulate the size and scale of an actual table. It is my experience that we tend to imagine furniture taking up a lot more space than it actually does, so I was glad to see that was the case with the cardboard prototype and there was still plenty of room in the open living/dining/kitchen area. It will be interesting to see what that space looks like completely furnished in a couple weeks when staged.