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Saturday, June 16, 2018


Property Acquisition Prospects

After closing on the Oakley Home 2.0 project and taking a week off to relax and reflect on that experience, I got back to business last week by beginning to look for land to develop for the next Home 2.0 project. In an effort to systematize this property acquisition phase, I created a master Google Sheets spreadsheet tracking the following databases in different tabs:
  • Database of Hamilton County Residential Vacant Land
  • Upcoming Hamilton County Sheriff Delinquent Tax Sales 
  • Buildings Ordered To Be Kept Vacant By The City Of Cincinnati
  • Hamilton County Land Bank Properties
  • Hazardous Building Abatement List
  • Active MLS Listings
While helpful to have all of these lists compiled in one place, the result is a spreadsheet with thousands of properties, so the challenge is filtering that number down to a handful of prospects that can be analyzed further to determine if they are worth making an offer on, and at what price.

At this stage one of my absolute favorite resources is the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS) mapping service that integrates Hamilton County Auditor data, Property and Zoning Maps, and Satellite images all in a single location to help me quickly separate the contenders from the pretenders.