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Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Flashback to Obtaining the Final Certificate of Occupancy

While the Oakley Home 2.0 project was legally able to be occupied after being granted a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy back in February, I was told by the City at that time a Final Certificate of Occupancy could not be granted until after the landscaping was installed. Fast forward a couple months later to when the landscaping was in, I contacted the City about getting said Final C of O, only to be informed by the inspector that in addition to the landscaping, I would also need to get an Engineering Change approved by the city in order to obtain the Final C of O because I added a new french drain along the side property line to divert water runoff and that was not shown on the original approved plans. Fortunately, being an architect, it was pretty quick and easy for me to produce the drawing below that was requested for the Engineering Change and get that submitted back to the Building Department for review.
It took about a week for the plans examiner at the City to get around to approving the Engineering Change, but once that was signed-off on I was able to immediately set-up a meeting on site with the inspector to show him the approved change in the field along with finished landscaping. The inspector was good with what he saw, and a couple days later I was able to pick-up the Final Certificate of Occupancy shown below.