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Monday, December 21, 2015


Architecture (& Development) Business Plan Competition

I mentioned in my last blog post about how the second Starter Home 2.0 project is going to be much more business like in its planning and execution than the original project, with the intent being to systematize the process and ultimately make it a viable long term business model. Coincidentally, an organization called Charette Venture Group just happens to be putting on a 2016 Architecture Business Plan competition (with no entry fee and a $10,000 grand prize) now open to licensed architects looking to start or grow their own business, so I figure since I am going through this exercise anyway, why not try and win some money in the process? It will be interesting to see how my entry is received since as an architect-developer I am not looking to attract any clients or provide any design services for anyone other than my development entity, but either way, I'll post updates once I get everything together to submit for the first round of judging in February.