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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


10-Year Cincy Development Outlook

Futurecasting is a term that I first heard about a few months ago when the firm I work for, SHP Leading Design, engaged 'Futurist' Brian David Johnson, to help map the future of education design 10 years out and the roll SHP will play in shaping that future. It has been an incredibly insightful exercise and is something I have started to apply to the development projects I am involved with and will be involved with over the next 10 years. With projects often taking 2+ years to go from initial concept to reality in the development world, it is critical to avoid designing for what is in demand now, and instead, focus on what will be in demand when a project goes online 2+ years in the future. That is why when I see articles like the one on the miracle renaissance of Over-the-Rhine, alluding to Walnut Hills and Pleasant Ridge as the Cincinnati neighborhoods next in line for this type of transformation, that I know these are a couple areas I want to focus in on the next 10 years. Below is a video with Brian David Johnson giving an overview of the futurecasting process, which can be applied to almost anything.