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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Nine Giant Brewery Construction Tour

I've mentioned this before in previous blog posts, but for me, the biggest difference I have experienced being a home owner vs. a renter is the sense of belonging and community I feel within my neighborhood. This connection is what lead me to join and take an active role in the Pleasant Ridge Development Corporation and one of the things I've enjoyed most about participating with the PRDC is getting to know the local business owners in the area, who like myself, have invested a lot of time, money and energy into the neighborhood. Yesterday, several PRDC members including myself got the chance to meet with Mike Albarella, one of the founding partners at Nine Giant Brewery over at the construction site to discuss the business, tour the building, and sample some of the beer selections to be served when it opens up in 2016. I'll definitely be a regular customer and I'm super excited to have a brewery and eatery within a 3-minute walk of my house. Here is a link to the Nine Giant Brewery website and Facebook page, where you can follow the progress.
Image above from Nine Giant's Facebook Page