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Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Oakley Lot Cleaning and Clearing

On Sunday I took a weed whacker over to the Oakley Lot to clear out the tall grasses, weeds, and overgrowth covering the property so that it would not continue to grow and become a blight on the neighborhood. While making my way over to the lot I introduced myself to the couple that lives in the home next door and I was happy to hear that they were really excited that someone had bought the lot after the previous owners had failed to maintain the home that once stood on the property (and the vacant lot following its demolition). I explained to them how I wanted to make an effort to keep the yard clean and presentable for the neighborhood between now and this time next year when the new home starts construction, and they were quite receptive to that, even offering to cut the grass and let me use their bins for yard waste as I picked-up debris scattered across the property. Below are some photos I took after my first pass with the weed whacker and I will be back this weekend to do more of the same.