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Sunday, October 16, 2016


Informal Site Analysis

This past weekend I took a trip over to the Oakley property to take down some of the weeds and overgrowth that had accumulated over the summer months. However, in the process of doing that, I also took note of some of the existing conditions that need to be addressed in order to move along with getting the Oakley Home 2.0 project built. 
The first order of business will be getting a geotech company out on site, similar to what was done with the Pleasant Ridge property to do a soils engineering study and recommend the type of excavation and foundation system required for the building. This is especially important with the site having been built on previously with some of the existing foundation work still appearing to be in the ground and likely needing to be removed. The good thing with the drawings having been completed at this point, is that the geotech company will know where to dig test pits based on where the new home will be located on the site.
I used my 100' measuring tape to compare the site plan dimensions on my drawing with existing conditions 
Another task that will need to be taken on is removing clearing the site of the piles of tree limbs and yard waste so that a site survey can be completed, which is a requirement for obtaining a building permit. The survey is also the most accurate way to confirm the existing site grading, which is important when it comes to establishing the finished floor elevation and how that relates to access to the garage and access out of the basement.
The final site related task is going to be having one of the trees on the property removed. With the new house plan and rear deck extending further out into the backyard, it became apparent that a tree on the northern edge is in direct conflict with the new building mass and will need to be taken down. This same problem existed at the Starter Home 2.0 Pleasant Ridge house as well, so I feel like I have a pretty good idea of who can perform this work and how much it will cost me.   
The first tree on the left hand side of the lot is the one that will need to be taken down