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Sunday, December 4, 2016


Using Virtual Reality to Showcase the Oakley Home 2.0

One of the challenges that architects have struggled with throughout history is selling the user experience of buildings prior to construction and conveying the 'feel' of the space they are proposing to design. As artistic and photo-realistic as modern renderings have become, and with as detailed and well crafted as physical models can be, they don't simulate what it is like to actually be in a space when it is constructed. That is where virtual reality technology has the ability to transform the profession, whether in the form of stereo panoramas with phone viewers like Google Cardboard, or complete building simulations with VR headsets like the HTC Vive. A growing number of architects are now taking advantage of these new technologies and I am happy to be one of them. That said, click on this link to experience the first stereo panorama I created in the living and dining are of the Oakley Home 2.0. The panorama is designed to be used with Virtual Viewers like Google Cardboard or DODOcase, but works well with computer and mobile device viewing as well. Enjoy, and be on the lookout for more in the weeks to come.
Living and Dining Area (Click to experience this view in VR)