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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


The Ultimate Balancing Act

One of my former co-workers that was an architectural project manager at a previous firm I worked at often compared his role to that of a Plate Spinner, with the numerous projects, clients and consultants he was involved with needing constant attention like the spinning plates to keep everything from crashing down.
This comparison has rung especially true for me as an Architect-Developer the past few days as I have been working to get everything prepared for construction to start the beginning of next month. Here is just a sampler of what all is on my plate (or should I say plates):
  • Permit: Responding to comments from Metropolitan Sewer District and awaiting comments from the Building Department.
  • LEED: Filling out various forms required by the USGBC to validate LEED credits and prerequisites are met.
  • Construction Prep: Signing off on the final construction contract and making final preparations for excavation to begin once permit is in hand and bank gives the order to proceed
  • Loan Closing: Submitting the last pieces of documentation needed for loan closing on March 30 and the recording of mortgage on property.
  • Sales: Developing a marketing strategy and support materials to have in place once construction has started and buyer interest increases.
  • Insurance: Evaluating proposals from carriers on a couple different insurance policies related to the project
Fortunately, I really enjoy the plate spinning involved in being an Architect-Developer and am starting to get pretty good at.