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Friday, March 24, 2017


Locating the Building

While construction is still a couple weeks away from starting, the project surveyor had some availability this week to stop by the site and place pins and stakes at locations around the property. The pins, which are represented on the staking diagram below indicate the front setback and overall length of the building structure proposed on the architectural drawings and plot plan. The benefit of doing this exercise early is that it gave me the chance to visit the site and provide feedback with regards to adjustments in the layout relative boundary lines, which is exactly what I did earlier today.
Looking at the proposed pin locations relative to the setbacks of the homes on either side, it became apparent that the proposed location of the house was about 6' closer to front sidewalk than what it felt like it should be, hence the mark-ups on the staking diagram shown below, which I will incorporate into the architectural plans this weekend.

The final image below shows a quick layout I did with the measuring tape and some sticks in the yard to help visualize where the newly proposed front of the home would be and how it would relate to its neighbors. In the end I think this increased setback will improve the relationship it has with the street and surrounding context, which is something very important to me with all the infill projects I do.