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Thursday, March 2, 2017


Scale & Information Increase

Looking through the plan requirements for the City of Cincinnati Permit submission this past week, I realized that my architectural site plan was a little short on information and a little too small in scale to convey that information effectively. As a result, I moved the architectural site plan to its own sheet along with the architectural grading plan and added the following items, which are shown on the image below.
  • Sewer main, manhole and lateral/tap locations to match the surveyor's plot plan
  • Downspout drain line location, showing how the water is collected and dispersed on site
  • Water main location in street
  • Concrete site walls separating adjacent properties
  • Concrete flat work dimensions (for walks, driveway, etc.)
In addition to the architectural site plan and architectural grading plan, the surveyor's plot plans for the property will also be submitted as part of the Permit Set.