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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Sump Pump In Action

This past Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Cincinnati was pounded with rain from the remnants of tropical storm Bill, causing water to back up in basements throughout the region, including the Starter Home 2.0 project. With the sump pump not being plugged in at the time of the downpours, some of the water that collected around the foundation made its way into the house without anywhere else to go. Fortunately, by simply connecting the sump pump to the temporary power supply on site Monday, all the water was gone within minutes. With the sump pump now hooked up, any water around the foundation will be pumped out away from the foundation before it ever has the chance to enter the house. As for the water that entered the house, the furnace is raised off the ground on blocks and all framing touching the ground is pressure treated, so there are no real concerns of moisture damage, but that said, I'm definitely looking forward to a dry basement moving forward.